«And the transition again — the old year is leaving, but then, quickly picking up the move, the New Year is in a hurry to us again and the Christmas rating will be headed by the TOP»
It’s time for us to sum up.
A year has passed. Dreams come true?
Winter and outside my palaces
In the snowdrifts plunge into dreams.
We’ll smile each other. No reason
Mirroring eyes
At Christmas we will kindle a fireplace
The road to the house is snow congestion.
Surprise and Christmas tree languidly languishing
How are miracles of miracles waiting for January
Under all the sails, I know for sure
It will break into every house, friends.
And as in a dream, behind your house
Under the clink of glasses and in the light of day
Will throw his bright eyes,
Leaves for a year and in the distance mania.
As if in a miracle of perfection.
Incomplete carrying away
Every time we are in our mind
Looking forward to change and Christmas.



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